Our family comes from the southwest of Sicily, and for generations we have been involved in some way in the trade of olive oil from our region. What makes the olive oil from our region special is the native variety of olives, "Nocellara del Belice," which is perfectly suited for oil production. The soil in our region is sandy, poor, and reddish, indicating a high iron content. Our olive groves are not located on steep mountains, but in a flat valley that leads directly to the sea. Thanks to the proximity of the sea and the hot climate, one of the hottest in Europe, there are ideal conditions for the exceptional growth of our olive plantations.


Our olive harvest takes place at the end of October, and the pressing process is a sacred one. Since our olive trees are not very tall, we collect the olives directly from their branches, both by hand and with a harvesting pole. The collected olives are then placed in crates and turned into oil within 24 hours. This is one of the gentlest methods and guarantees a unique quality that cannot be found elsewhere in Italy.

Our olive oil production process follows the highest standards. Skilled machine operators ensure that the temperature during pressing does not exceed 20° Celsius thanks to proper refrigeration. Only then can it be defined as "cold-pressed" oil. The rapid processing minimizes the oil's acid content. Unlike many industrial olive oils that are blended from different olive varieties, our olive oil is made exclusively from the "Nocellara del Belice" variety.

We are very proud of our cultural heritage and the long and rich tradition of olive oil production. A few years ago, my uncle and I decided to found the company GreenGold Import as a collective society, and since then we have been trying to sell our award-winning oil online as well. We are completely convinced of the quality of our product and are happy to make it accessible to others.