Coupon codes are a great way to save money while shopping online. They are often limited to specific products or order quantities and can provide you with a discount or free shipping. But how do you actually redeem coupon codes?

First, you should add your desired items to the shopping cart. When you're finished, go to checkout and you will be redirected to the summary of your order. There, you will find the section "Have a promo code?" located at the top right or below the cart for the mobile version of the website.

If you have coupon codes, you can enter and add them there. If you have multiple coupons that are marked as cumulative, you can use multiple coupon codes for an order.

It may happen that the value of your coupon is higher than the total amount of your order. In this case, the remaining balance of your coupon will be generated as a new coupon code in your customer account. You can use this for your next order and save even more.

However, note that some promotion coupons and action codes are not cumulative. Therefore, check the conditions of your coupon code beforehand to avoid possible misunderstandings.

By the way, you can find your coupons in your customer account under the section "Coupons". This way, you can always check which coupons are available to you and use them as needed.