Pistachio Cream (190g)
  • Pistachio Cream (190g)

Pistachio Cream (190g)

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  • Pistachio cream made with Sicilian pistachios and white chocolate
  • Sweet, nutty flavor
  • Rich in protein and valuable nutrients
  • Healthier alternative to traditional spreads
  • Versatile to add a special flavor note

What, you don't know about this product yet? Our pistachio cream is made with the famous Sicilian pistachios, known for their incomparable taste and excellent quality. The use of this refined ingredient creates a unique cream that is not only delicious, but also rich in important nutrients. With a high protein content and valuable minerals and vitamins, our pistachio cream is a healthy alternative to conventional spreads. Whether for a quick breakfast, a snack or as an ingredient in different recipes, pistachio cream is versatile and gives every dish a special taste. Treat yourself and your body to a delicious and healthy treat by trying our pistachio cream today!

Discover our delicious Sicilian pistachio cream - the perfect Nutella substitute and a healthy alternative to traditional chocolate spreads. This creamy delicacy is ideal for your apéro ideas and offers a variety of finger food apéro ideas that are easy and quick to prepare. Our pistachio cream is a true delight for those looking for a healthy Nutella alternative. Made from high-quality Sicilian pistachios, it offers a rich, nutty flavor that will impress with every bite. Compared to Nutella, our cream is free from artificial additives, palm oil, and refined sugar. Instead, it contains valuable nutrients and healthy fats that provide your body with energy.

Whether as a spread on fresh bread, a topping for pancakes, or an ingredient in baking recipes - our Sicilian pistachio cream adds a special touch to your apéro ideas. With its velvety texture and intense pistachio taste, it becomes the highlight of any social gathering. Let yourself be inspired by our pistachio cream and discover the variety of quick and easy apéro ideas. Whether you want to impress guests or simply prepare a delicious snack for yourself, our cream offers endless possibilities to enhance your culinary creations.

Try our Sicilian pistachio cream today and experience a healthy and delicious alternative to Nutella. Let its flavors enchant you and create unforgettable apéro ideas that will delight your guests.

Mason jar

Pistacchio Cream


Shelled Pistachios (35%), Sugar, Non-Hydrogenated Oils and Fats (Rapeseed, Sunflower, Corn, Palm), Skimmed Milk, Whey, Soy Lecithin, Artificial Vanilla Flavor, Chlorophyllin Colorant


May contain fragments of other nuts. Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, consume within a few days.

Nutritional Information

Energie - Energie - Energia - Energy 2142kJ (512kcal)
Fett - Grasses - Grassi - Fats 29,3g
Gesättigte - Saturés - Saturati - Saturated 3,7g
Kohlenhydrate - Glucides - Carboidrati - Carbohydrates 13,1g
Zucker - Sucres - Zuccheri - Sugars 5,2g
Eiweiss - Protéines - Proteine - Proteins 15,3g
Salz - Sel - Sale - Salt 0,1g
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