Olive Oil 100% Extra-Vergine "Nocellara del Belice" (250ml)
  • Olive Oil 100% Extra-Vergine "Nocellara del Belice" (250ml)

Olive Oil 100% Extra-Vergine "Nocellara del Belice" (250ml)

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  • 100% extra virgin and cold-pressed
  • Harvested in November 2022 (hand-picked)
  • Olive variety "Nocellara del Belice" from Campobello di Mazara, Sicily
  • Packaged in a practical bag-in-box container with a tap
  • Minimum shelf life until the end of 2024

Our 100% extra virgin olive oil is the result of careful processing of hand-picked "Nocellara del Belice" olives from Campobello di Mazara, Sicily. The harvest took place in November 2022, and the oil was gently cold-pressed to preserve its full flavor and rich aroma. It is packaged in a practical bag-in-box container with a tap and is ideal for cooking, frying, and enhancing dishes.

The Nocellara del Belice olive variety is mainly grown in the area around the town of Belice in Sicily. It is one of the most commonly grown varieties in this region and is primarily used for the production of high-quality olive oil. The Nocellara del Belice has an oval, smooth, green fruit that ripens in November. This variety has a high oil yield and is known for its mild flavor and fruity note. It also has a high content of polyphenols, which act as natural antioxidants and help protect the oil from oxidation, contributing to its longer shelf life.

Olive kind
Nocellara del Belice
Harvest year
Nov 2022
PDO (protected designation of origin, DOP)
Manufacturing process
Cold pressed

Olvenöl "Nocellara del Belice"


100% extra-virgin, cold-pressed, monovarietal olive oil from the "Nocellara del Belice" variety, produced locally


Store in a cool place and away from light. The minimum shelf life is 24 months from the date of harvest.

Nutritional Information

Energie - Energie - Energia - Energy 3466kJ (824kcal)
Fett - Grasses - Grassi - Fats 91,6g
Gesättigte - Saturés - Saturati - Saturated 13,0g
Kohlenhydrate - Glucides - Carboidrati - Carbohydrates 0,0g
Zucker - Sucres - Zuccheri - Sugars 0,0g
Eiweiss - Protéines - Proteine - Proteins 0,0g
Salz - Sel - Sale - Salt 0,0g
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